Cloud & Application Solutions

At Britemotion, we offer clients our knowledge and expertise in optimising their cloud deployments wherever they are in their journey.

Designing, migrating, deploying and supporting our clients on cloud platforms since 2018.

Our extensive knowledge of cloud platforms allows us to deliver innovative solutions to our clients so that they obtain the best opportunities out of cloud computing.


We migrate workloads to a fully managed cloud platform based on enterprise-class architecture, automation and operations – securely and without fuss.


We build cloud native solutions that leverage the best cloud innovations available to deliver real business outcomes.


We extend the capacity, capability and functionality of on-premise applications or processes through the use of cloud infrastructure and services.


Instead of every company using its own hardware, multiple organisations from all over the world share the same hardware.

Cloud computing is a concept of sharing services over a network to maximize the effectiveness of the resources. This means fewer servers, lesser power and a reduction in carbon emissions.

Moving to the cloud can save up to 87% of IT energy.

According to a Google-funded, collaborative research by Berkeley Lab and Northwestern University,


by moving 86 million US office workers to the cloud,


we would use up to 87% lesser energy.


That's enough to power LA for 1 year!

Our Approach

We have developed a methodology for the delivery/migration and operation of systems in the cloud. The methodology allows us to find the right platform and exploit the best features of cloud technology. It also looks to take advantage of technology advances in cloud by continually innovating and refining the solution for the best design, automation and price.


Discovery phase to understand the requirements of the solution and the qualities that are required


Design phase to decide the best cloud platform for the solution and to match the requirements to the best cloud technologies


Look at deployment and operational tasks associated with the solution and design automation to ensure that those tasks can be automated


Deploy the solution to the cloud platform and validate the solution to the requirements, the automation tasks, audit and compliance and management


Refine aspects of the solution based on operational concerns or advances in technology. Refine the cost model to ensure lowest operational cost for feature set required


Manage solution and operational tasks using the management and automation tooling in place